Aaron “Goody” Goode


Aaron “Goody” Goode is a well known professional trombonist and producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At a young age his parents and family knew that music was a major part of who he is, and who he was going to be. From banging different rhythms on table tops to humming all of the top hit songs, music came natural to Aaron. At the age of 16, Goode received his first trombone as a gift from his brother, which unbeknownst to them would eventually take him around the world. In 2004 Goode played his first celebrity performance with LL Cool J. In 2005 Goode played on the hit single “DeJa Vu” By Beyonce Ft Jay Z. This hit song released in 2006 receiving multiple awards including one grammy, and two grammy nominations. Goode soon joined John Legend in 2006, to tour around the world. In 2008 he joined Jay Z in his featured performance at Obama’s Inaugural Ball. He then toured with the illustrious Roc Boyz Band for the “BluePrint 3 World Tour” with Jay Z. Goode continued to play with other celebrity artists such as;  Jill Scott, John Mayer, Kanye West, Mary J Blige, Stevie Wonder and many more. In 2014 he joined Rihanna and Eminem on “The Monster Tour”. Since then Aaron continues to play and travel the world with John Legend. In 2016 Aaron started his own group called “Goody and The Goodfellas” who perform at some of the hottest music venues in Center City Philadelphia. Over the years while touring, Goode picked up a love for production and soon started producing his own music. Goode is currently recording his first album of original music which is set to release late 2020. This album will include some of the production that he has done over the past 6 years, complimented by new concepts and beautiful trombone lead melodies.

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