Chris Holland

Guitar, Vocals

Chris Holland is a self-taught guitarist and audio engineer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Chris discovered his love for music when he was ten years old, drumming on paint buckets with sticks from the backyard. At this time, he was also messing around on his brother’s guitar, learning chords and Nirvana songs. A few years later, Chris acquired his own guitar, and started playing guitar in an original rock band with friends from school. During this time, Chris used instructional DVDs to learn theory and picking technique, eventually developing a strict practice routine.Chris would later take an interest in mixing, and began recording/producing his own music. He has composed original music for independent films and various web shows, such as “The Angry Video Game Nerd” by Cinemassacre. When not performing, Chris enjoys working on original music in his home studio, producing videos for his YouTube channel, and playing retro video games.

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