Kahlil Wallace

Lead Vocals

Born and raised in southern New Jersey, Kahlil has always held high respect and aspiration for the arts since he was born. From performing for plays at his home church, to singing in the youth choir, his love for “the stage” only continued to expand. Musical theater, regional jazz bands, and state choirs through his middle school and high school years, combined with his studies at University of the Arts and performing with a Philadelphia based band, The Untouchables, are among the many attributes that have shaped the multi-faceted performer that Kahlil is today.

As a part of Legacy, Kahlil packs pop, jazz, soul, house, and gospel influences into a voice that can soar both high and low. Outside of the band, Kahlil spends time as a music producer, songwriter, and a studio vocal coach for DIGIANLG (short for digital analog). Apart from his love of music, Kahlil is also a video gamer at heart, loves photography, and reading comics.

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