Simon Hamilton

Lead Vocals

Born and raised in South Jersey, Simon has always loved music. Growing up in the church as well as coming from a musical family, he was always surrounded by talented people and naturally picked up the art of music. Simon’s “first love” was the drums, but as the years progressed he came to appreciate and hone in on his voice while also, picking up piano in more recent years. As mentioned above, Simon got his start playing the drums, specifically in church. During his high school years, he was involved in Baptist Regional’s small ensemble, “Vocal Forte”, as well as choir and band. Post high school he went on to become the worship director of his church for several years. 

When it comes to Simon’s taste, you can find just about every genre of music in his Spotify playlist ranging from gospel, pop, country, and more. His wish is to continue to grow and never be afraid or too proud to learn so he can be a light that can bring smiles to people’s faces with this beautiful thing called music.

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